“Opportunity of a Lifetime”
By: T.A. Bedford, Jr. 1904 booklet reprinted $5.00

Originally printed in 1904, Mr. Bedford offers to sell 750 lots with houses for $40 each in a new Wynne subdivision which will be near the new courthouse about to be built. Lots will be drawn to see which lots the buyer receives. In addition, one of the buyers will become sole owner of the Telephone Exchange owned by him. The book features several photos of Wynne buildings.

“Parkin High School Sports Records: 1933-2000″ 2nd Edition

Compiled by Dr. Cecil McDermott, the book contains players, coaches, stats, records, all-state & all-conference players, etc. $10.

“A Virtual Tour through History in Downtown Wynne, Arkansas”
By: Bridget Hart
(Hardcover Only $50 – All proceeds go to New Hope School)

Based on a May 2010 Arkansas Historic Preservation’s Walk through History script, the book contains photos and histories of the buildings in the downtown Wynne Commercial District.

“The Harrison Riot”
By: Reverend J. K. Farris of Wynne
Published 1924. CD. $5.00

“Wittsburg, Wynne, & Points Nearby…”
(Paperback- $19.95 / Hardcover- $29.95)

A book sold by Richard Hartness personally, compiles four Cross County Arkansas Reprints

“The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.”
-Theodore Roosevelt